Where Our Alumni work now

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Alumni Spotlight

Jessie Dart '16


Graduated 2016

Major: Economics and Business Administration with emphasis in Finance and Management

Finance Rotational Analyst in Office Business Planning, Microsoft 

Describe your typical work day: 

"My current rotation is on the Office (as in Word/Excel/PowerPoint/ect.) Business Planning team. Essentially, we work on strategy projects for this part of our business. I specifically focus on our global data center expansion and the revenue opportunity for Office in different countries. In this role I get to work with the subsidiary’s (which means some very early and very late calls), engineering, product planning, product marketing, and business development."

What's the best part about your job and why?

"My cheesy answer is that there is no one best part of my job. I am in a Finance Rotation Program where I get to work on 4 different teams for 6 month each. I have gotten the opportunity to live in South Africa for six months while working for the subsidiary there, travel to numerous different countries, work on both our consumer and commercial businesses in completely different job functions, participate in tons of workshops and trainings, present my ideas to senior leaders at the company, and so many more. The breadth of learnings and opportunities at a large company, and specifically in a rotational program is something that has been a perfect fit for me."

What skills did you gain from AKPsi that helped you get this job or help you do your job well?

"AKPsi was a fantastic community of driven individuals. This pushed me in so many ways that shaped who I am in my professional life. I had numerous opportunities to strengthen my leadership and interpersonal skills, both of which I use daily."

Do you have any advice for upperclassmen who are in the midst of planning for the future?

"Find a job that you are interested in! There are so many factors to consider when picking a job: the role itself, career progression, learnings, pay, location, and how it fits into your life. While you should consider all those things, but don’t take a job that you won’t love!"

Adlai Nissen '17

Adlai Nissen, Headshot 1.jpg

Graduated 2017

Major: Economics and Business Administration with a emphasis in Finance

Senior Finance Analyst, Microsoft

Describe your typical work day:

"Work is extremely dynamic. My role within the commercial business is very project-based and is centered around communicating with field offices to create a cohesive picture of the state of the business. Due to the project-based nature of this role, my typical day of work changes from week to week especially around review periods in the fiscal year. Overall though, my work day is often times spent analyzing data to find patterns as well as providing oversight and insights into how the field is operating and the investments they are making into their operations."

What is the best part of your job and why?

I think the best part of my job is that with each project and each day at the office, I am actively challenged. The challenges that I face in my work have helped me hone my professional and financial skills. In addition to that, the projects I am involved in have real-world impacts within my team and the company as a whole. More importantly, Microsoft’s values align closely with my own so it’s truly a great feeling knowing that my work is not only benefiting the company, but also the communities it serves.

What skills did you gain from AKPsi that helped you get this job or help you do your job well?

I think the skills that AKPsi gave me to attain this role are the same skills that help me on a daily basis to succeed in my job. First and foremost, leadership capabilities. Through its Professional Development events, to the leadership opportunities, to the community within the organization, I was given the tools and knowledge to refine my leadership skills. In my work, I’m not afraid to take a lead role in projects or drive analysis in different areas of the company. Going hand-in-hand with leadership, I found my voice in AKPsi. AKPsi and each member of the chapter, supported me and helped me find my own voice in which to speak up for both myself and others.

Do you have any advice for upperclassmen who are in the midst of planning for the future?

A piece of advice that I would give upperclassmen is to measure your achievements and goals in your own terms and not that of others. More specifically, I believe that when you are looking to the future or even what is happening at this very moment, you should only measure yourself and your achievements to what you wanted and what you were hoping to achieve. It can be very easy to compare yourself to classmates and think that you are not doing enough, however, it’s important to realize that you might be looking to achieve something entirely different all together. In addition, I believe patience is key when planning for the future. I think that it’s sometimes hard for us to find or even know what our dream job is, but given a bit of hard work and patience, one will always discover theirs.