What is Alpha Kappa Psi?

Alpha Kappa Psi is a co-ed professional business fraternity that serves as the premier developer of principled business leaders. We are the world’s largest and oldest professional fraternity with a powerful and extensive network spanning across national and international borders. With a notable alumni history of Fortune 500 CEO’s and past Presidents, we continue to establish ourselves as a fraternity that thrives on excellence in leadership, dedication, and professionalism. Not only do we help our brothers advance professionally through resume workshops, mock interviews, and professional development events, but we also provide them with the chance to gain first-hand experience as leaders through planning and coordinating a wide range of social, philanthropic, and professional events in a supportive and friendly environment.

Alpha Kappa Psi brings out the best in our brothers and encourages them to grow more confident about their future in the business world. We believe in our brothers and provide the necessary resources to help them grow personally and professionally. We also challenge our brothers to learn and achieve more than they could have ever imagined, and we challenge you to pledge Alpha Kappa Psi.


Fraternity History


Alpha Kappa Psi was started by the ten founding fathers, but it was the Brooklyn four who put it all into action with their late night meetings after attending classes at New York University. They were nicknamed the “Brooklyn Four” because they would meet in lower Broadway and then have to walk back to their homes across the Brooklyn Bridge each night. The Brooklyn Four drafted a constitution that lead to the fraternity’s establishment in October of 1904. It was officially incorporate a few months later in May of 1905. Once that honor was granted to them, Alpha Kappa Psi officially became an official fraternity.

For more information about the history of AKPsi visit our National Website.

The Rho chi chapter

Founded on April 21, 2001, the Rho Chi Chapter at Chapman University has grown from only a handful of students to over 100 pledge and active members. With more than one hundred alumni brothers who have been consistently involved in the growth of our chapter, Alpha Kappa Psi has become more a lifestyle than a mere stepping stone for professional success. Throughout the years, our chapter has achieved various honors and privileges for our dedication and achievements including Most Spirited Chapter at Success Institute and also the ability to send at least one of our brothers to the Academy, an all-expenses-paid leadership conference that is only available to the most academically acclaimed brothers nationwide. Within the next few years, our chapter strives to further our professional and personal growth both as individuals and as a community of brothers.

Shaping people, shaping business—this is not just any old mantra, it is the very tagline that embodies Alpha Kappa Psi. In today’s world, the business sector is quickly evolving and adapting its expectations of every individual; not only is it a requirement to submit cover letters and resumes but it is also necessary to obtain internships, participate in extracurricular activities, and network as professionals with integrity. By participating in planning for events as a group, attending leadership conferences, professional development events, and having connections to internship opportunities, our brothers have been recognized as premier business professionals working at many of the nation’s leading firms.